DREW NETWORK ASIA (DNA) - The Cross-border Firm

Combined brilliance

Some of the most dominant law firms in Southeast Asia have joined hands as Drew Network Asia (DNA) — a formidable, premium legal network. The network boasts over 800 fee-earners and a total headcount of over 1,600 in 9 ASEAN countries - Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.  We are a ‘firm of firms’ that operates as a united collective, bringing both international perspectives and local expertise to the table. 

DNA operates as a one-stop shop in handling complex and time sensitive multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes. We are seamless, client responsive and effective.

Peer reviewed and revered

The reputation of each DNA firm transcends borders and is built on consistently delivering sound legal advice alongside world-class service. This unwavering commitment is recognised by our clients and peers and has earned us top rankings in the world’s most prestigious legal publications.