• LLM, Monash University
  • LLM, King’s College London
  • LLB, Thammasat University

Suruswadee Jaimsuwan is a counsel and senior litigator in the firm’s dispute resolution group, advising clients in both criminal and civil cases. As a former judge with the Thai Courts of Justice, Suruswadee uses her unique insight to identify creative ways to help clients achieve their goals.

Suruswadee has extensive legal experience on and off the bench, bolstered by a deep knowledge of Thai law and court procedure. She uses her expertise to develop strong and practical legal strategies, and to provide flawless advocacy in the courtroom. She presents facts and evidence to the courts and regulators clearly and persuasively, for the benefit of her clients. Moreover, as a mediation expert, she has a superb ability to explore alternative dispute resolution options and identify areas of agreement to seek solutions. Suruswadee works closely with the firm’s litigators to share her insights on potential solutions, negotiation techniques, and Thai court practice and procedure, thus giving our clients a competitive edge.

In addition to her judicial career, Suruswadee worked for Thailand’s Department of Labour Protection and Welfare under a scholarship from the Office of the Civil Service Commission. In that position, she worked closely with various governmental authorities on labour law research and development. This opportunity provided her with an outstanding comprehension of the practical workings of labour law.

Suruswadee is regularly invited to present her insights on a wide range of legal issues in Thailand, including those related to employment law, arbitration, class actions, white-collar crime, and administrative proceedings. She has also been entrusted by local legislators to contribute to the formation of new laws and regulations, including Thailand’s Civil Partnership Bill.

Suruswadee received her legal education in Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. She also received litigation, mediation, legislative development, and judicial training from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives at the University of Victoria, and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization.

Suruswadee is a barrister-at-law qualified by the Thai Bar Association, a notary public, an arbitrator on the rosters of both the Thai Arbitration Institute and Thailand Arbitration Center, an active member of the Thailand Board of Trade, and a leader of the AMCHAM Women Committee.

  • Successfully defended a leading multinational electronics company against criminal charges alleging breach of agreements relating to employment conditions, collective bargaining agreements, and an award by assisting clients on legal advice, developing case strategy and representing client in court with the result that the court did not allow any of the plaintiff’s complaints to proceed further.
  • Defended a high-profile case in the Supreme Court Criminal Case Division for Persons Holding Political Positions and secured a historical best outcome for cases involved allegations of similar offences, including by developing case strategy and representing the client in court.
  • Defended a multinational electronics company against false claims in connection with a subcontractor that failed to deliver work as agreed in upon in a construction agreement.
  • Advised on case strategy in relation to an ongoing contagious estate division dispute involving heirs in multiple jurisdictions in Southeast Asia.
  • Advised high-profile individuals on prenuptial agreements, family constitutions, and wills to prevent issues among future heirs.
  • Advised various multinational companies on draft agreements containing multitier dispute resolution clause concerning negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.
  • Advised a leading multinational company on devising and executing disciplinary procedures and litigation strategy in a case potentially involving internal organised fraud and labour disputes, successfully preventing directors from facing potential criminal liabilities.
  • Advised on case strategy to have a criminal case filed by a juristic committee against our client withdrawn before further inquiry by the court. Besides securing withdrawal of the case, our advice kept the client from having to go through bail and court proceedings as the strategy was implemented.
  • Advised on weight of evidence in relation to expert witness and how to counter unfavourable expert witness opinion in a criminal forgery case.
  • Legislative Advisor, Parliament of Thailand
  • Arbitrator, Thai Arbitration Institute
  • Arbitrator, Thailand Arbitration Center