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Singapore | Singapore Court of Appeal Adopts UK Decision of Dunlop in Deciding That Payments Under Agreements Between Parties Are Unenforceable Penalties
Singapore | Authorised push payment fraud and banking liability
Singapore | Midnight clauses: Court of Appeal decides that foreign public policy may frustrate an agreement to arbitrate disputes in Singapore
Malaysia | Immigration Law Update | January 2023
Singapore | Year in Review 2022 – Singapore Lending Market
Singapore | A Pyrrhic Victory – Where Inadmissibility of Evidence Leads to Only Nominal Damages Awarded
Malaysia | Legal Updates | December 2022
Singapore | High Court sets out applicable standard for striking out minority oppression proceedings where minority shareholder had been offered a buy-out
Indonesia | Distribution of Video Games in Indonesia
Singapore | Two birds, One Stone: High Court Decision Clarifies the Role of Acquired Distinctiveness in the Staywell test and Provides Guidance on the Assessment of Similarity between Animal Marks
Malaysia | Legal Updates | November 2022
Malaysia | Legal Update | Bursa Malaysia’s Climate Change Reporting
Malaysia | Legal Updates | October 2022
Malaysia | Legal Update | Taxpayer Succeeded in a Judicial Review Application Instituted against the Director General of Customs & Excise (“Customs”), in a Challenge against Customs’ Refusal to Recognise GST exemption for Designated Areas
Malaysia | Legal Update | A Bespoke Programme Onboarding the Digital Nomads, “DE Rantau Programme” and the “Social Visit Pass” Catered for Foreign Professionals
Malaysia | Legal Update | Interest in Interest? Application of interest not regulated under the Moneylenders Act 1951: Summerhay Development Sdn Bhd v Ivory Ascent Sdn Bhd [08(f)-415-09/2022]
Singapore | Courts Will Generally Defer to Tribunals’ Interpretation of the Parties’ Agreed Arbitral Procedure
Singapore | Court of Appeal Upholds Distinction Between Public Law Duties and Private Law Duties
Singapore | Changes to the Fitness to Plead / Unsoundness of Mind Regime From 15 Nov 2022
Singapore | High Court holds that NFTs may be property
Singapore | Bill introduces new procedure for post-appeal applications in capital cases
Singapore | Appellate Division of the High Court Clarifies Civil Standard of Proof
Singapore | Singapore Court Upholds Validity and Enforceability of Sanctions Clause in a Test Case
Indonesia | Indonesia’s Competition Authority Takes SME Partnership Supervision to a New Level
Singapore | The Monetary Authority of Singapore’s powers of investigation and enforcement
Singapore announces five-pronged strategy to counter the financing of terrorism
Indonesia | The New Requirement for Healthcare Facilities: Electronic Medical Records
Singapore | Novel Foods: Updates on safety assessments
Indonesia | The Implementation of the Presidential Regulation on Renewable Energy: The Beginning of the Transition from Coal Fired Power Plants to Renewable Energy Power Plants
Singapore | Court of Appeal clarifies scope of “Loss or Damage” in the Right of Private Action Under the Personal Data Protection Act
Malaysia | Legal Update | The Supplement to MM2H — Premium Visa Programme (“PVIP”)
Singapore | Court of Appeal expounds on the Court’s jurisdictional bases to grant anti-suit injunctions
Singapore | Court of Appeal expounds on a trustee’s duty to account to the beneficiaries
Malaysia | Legal Updates - September 2022
Indonesia | Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law Finally Enacted
Singapore | High stakes: Singapore’s taxation approach to token rewards in proof-of-stake blockchain protocols
Singapore | Court of Appeal affirms that arbitral tribunal's jurisdiction is only revived to the extent of the remission ordered
Indonesia | New Financial Service Authority Regulation on Peer-to-Peer Lending
Malaysia | Bursa Malaysia to Launch Voluntary Carbon Market Exchange by the end of 2022
Indonesia | Update on the Terms of Domestic Non-Deliverable Forward Transactions Under Indonesian Law
Malaysia | Upcoming Amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010
Malaysia | Securities Commission Malaysia Issues Consultation Paper on Proposed Regulatory Framework for Technology Risk Management by Capital Market Entities
Malaysia | Employment (Amendment of First Schedule) Order 2022
Malaysia | Fintech Laws and Regulations in Malaysia
Singapore | The fair tenancy code of conduct: Key terms for new leases
Singapore | The great return (to the office)
Malaysia | Income tax (2) (3) (2)
Malaysia | Bank Negara Malaysia issues new policy documents for Money Services Business
Malaysia | Lam Ah Company Sdn Bhd v Ketua Pengarah Kastam Dan Eksais Civil Appeal No. P-01(A)-558-09/2021
Malaysia | Opposition Proceedings under the Patents (Amendment) Act 2022
Malaysia | Revised Foreign Exchange Policy Notices with effect from 1 June 2022
Malaysia | Trade Secret in Employment Perspective
Malaysia | Re Scomi Group Bhd: Judicial Management Not Available for Public Listed Companies?
Malaysia | Policy document on Bancassurance/ Bancatakaful
Indonesia | Update on the Registration Obligation of Private Electronic System Organizers
Indonesia | Regulation on The Taxation of Financial Technology Implementation Services
Malaysia | Southern HRC Sdn. Bhd. v Danieli Co., Ltd (WA-24NCC(ARB)-14-03/2022)
Indonesia | Amendments on The Establishment, Management, Supervision and Dissolution of State-Owned Enterprises
Malaysia | Income tax (2) (3) (1)
Malaysia | Revised policy on granting of credit facilities
Malaysia | Minimal Curial Intervention through the lens of Hindustan Oil
Malaysia | Defamation: When a drama is just a drama
Singapore | Award made on res judicata principles not against public policy, nor a breach of natural justice
Singapore | Co-existence: an important gamechanger in trade mark conflicts
Malaysia | What is the length of notice required to terminate a tenancy validly?
Malaysia | Gig workers — where do they stand?
Malaysia | Legislative Change to the Copyright Law: Copyright (Amendment) Act 2022
Malaysia | Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd v Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd [2021] 5 MLJ 79
Malaysia | Auspicious Journey: The Federal Court decides on minority shareholders rights
Malaysia | First Successful Merger: First Ever Voluntary Notification and Application of an Anticipated Merger Approved under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Malaysia (“Merger Notification”) — Korean Air Lines Co Ltd and Asiana Airlines Inc
Singapore | MAS consultation on adjustment spreads for the transition of legacy SOR contracts in wholesale markets
Malaysia | The Dawn of Merger Control in Malaysia (MyCC’s Proposals to Amend the Competition Act 2010)
Singapore | Assessing whether arbitral award made in excess of jurisdiction
Malaysia | Tax Updates
Singapore | Scope of submission to arbitration may include issues not expressly pleaded
Malaysia | Amendments to the Malaysian Patents Act 1983 & Patents Regulations 1986
Malaysia | The Recent Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 and its Potential Effect on the Employment Relationship
Malaysia | Stamp Duty and Sales Tax
Malaysia | Revision to The Guidelines on Market Conduct and Business Practices for Stockbroking Companies and Licensed Representatives
Singapore | New simplified track for the resolution of intellectual property disputes
Singapore | Retrial applications go belly up before the Court of Appeal
Singapore | Rewriting the rules: The game of international “catch me if you can”
Malaysia | Income tax (2) (3)
Malaysia | The Patent (Amendment) Act 2022 Comes into Force in Malaysia
Singapore | SGX announces mandatory sustainability training for listed company directors
Malaysia | Determining if an Employee is Transferred or Seconded
Malaysia | Transition to Endemic — What it Means for the Employers in Malaysia?
Malaysia | Income Tax (2) (2)
Singapore | Singapore High Court orders injunctions to freeze the transfer of cryptocurrency which had allegedly been stolen, and orders the cryptocurrency exchanges to provide information: CLM v CLN and others [2022] SGHC 46
Singapore | MAS issues update to the “Frequently Asked Questions on the Payment Services Act” on 7 March 2022
Singapore | The new gambling regulatory regime
Malaysia | Cloud Services Licensing Update
Malaysia | Income Tax (2) (1) (1)
Singapore | The Financial Services and Markets Bill 2022 and what it means for Singapore-based Virtual Asset Service Providers
Indonesia | Updates on the Procedures for Obtaining Construction Business Entity Certificates (SBU)
Singapore | Key copyright issues inherent in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
Malaysia | Income Tax and Service Tax (1) (1)
Malaysia | Amendments to the Main and ACE Market Listing Requirements in relation to Directors’ Appointment, Independence and Miscellaneous Changes
Singapore | The Singapore Copyright Act 2021 and the Metaverse
Singapore | Key highlights of the new Singapore Copyright Act 2021
Singapore | Upcoming changes to Intellectual Property legislation in Singapore – Intellectual Property (Amendment) Act 2022
Malaysia | Finance Act 2021
Malaysia | Exposure drafts issued by Bank Negara Malaysia
Malaysia | Revised Rules on Take-overs, Mergers and Compulsory Acquisitions
Indonesia | Grounds for the Annulment of Domestic Arbitration Awards in Indonesia
Malaysia | Newsletter - December 2021
Malaysia | Income tax (2) (1)
Malaysia | Intellectual Property
Malaysia | Exposure Draft on Business Continuity Management
Malaysia | Bursa Malaysia Issues Updated Corporate Governance Guide (4th Edition)
Singapore | Court of Appeal lays down principles relating to applications for leave to appeal against a decision of the Appellate Division of the High Court
Malaysia | Ministry of Finance's Press Release on Foreign Source Income and Stamp Duty on Contract Notes
Philippines | Carworld/MVGS wins VAT deficiency in a landmark CTA case involving sales to Freeport and Economic Zones
Indonesia | The Indonesian Constitutional Court Ruling on the Omnibus Law: Unconstitutional with Conditions?
Malaysia | Income Tax (2)
Malaysia | Climate risk — Progress of Joint Committee on Climate Change and Exposure Draft on Agent Oversight Framework for Money Services Business
Malaysia | The Legal 500 Country Comparative Guides: Malaysian Chapter, International Arbitration
Malaysia | An Overview of the Significant Changes Proposed by the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021
Malaysia | Labuan Tax and Stamp Duty
Malaysia | Collaboration between Bursa Malaysia Berhad with Capital Markets Malaysia through the Elevate Programme
Singapore | Blocked on the blockchain? - Hacking of digital assets and enforcement actions
Malaysia | Income tax and Service tax (1)
Malaysia | Bank Negara Malaysia issues exposure draft on Code of Conduct for Malaysia Wholesale Financial Markets
Malaysia | Final Moratorium Period for Submission of Statutory Documents under the Companies Act 2016
Singapore | Avoiding pitfalls in professional negligence: Purpose-driven advice?
Singapore | Court of Appeal upholds setting aside of ICC arbitration award for breach of natural justice and excess of jurisdiction
Singapore | The latest legislative help to reduce the pain of divorces & update family law
Indonesia | Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regulates Digital Banks
Malaysia | Income tax (1)
Malaysia | The Third Capital Market Masterplan
Singapore | Conditional fee agreements in Singapore
Malaysia | Cloud Services to be Licensable from 2022
Singapore | Personal claims do not fall within court’s interpleader jurisdiction
Singapore | Standard terms and conditions referred to in non-contractual documents have no contractual force
Malaysia | Newsletter - September 2021
Malaysia | Income tax
Malaysia | Measat Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd v Koo Kok Wee [Kuala Lumpur Civil Suit No. WA-22IP-61-10/2020]
Malaysia | Deed of Settlement, Termination and Release Upheld as Cessation of Employment by Mutual Agreement
Singapore | The rising prevalence of the Internet of Things "IoT": Similarity between IoT goods and services in a trade mark dispute
Singapore | Litigation risks relating to special purpose acquisition companies
Singapore | Court of Appeal upholds relief fashioned by arbitral tribunal
Malaysia | Trademark Act 2019 with overview by Indran Shanmuganathan and The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019
Malaysia | Income Tax and Service Tax
Malaysia | Malaysia Overnight Rate as Alternative Reference Rate
Singapore | Singapore Chapter of Chambers Global Practice Guides – Employment 2021 by Kelvin Tan, Benjamin Gaw and Lim Chong Kin
Malaysia | International Arbitration 2021
Malaysia | Malaysia’s Position on the MLI
Malaysia | Tax Matters During the National Recovery Plan Phases (2)
Malaysia | Exposure draft on policy document of Bancassurance/Bancatakaful
Malaysia | Case Note: Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia v Sreesanthan Eliathamby
Malaysia | Now you see me, now you don't: what can be done if a bank fraudster's identity is unknown?
Singapore | Arbitral tribunals have a public duty to consider evidence of corruption
Singapore | Fair employment practices to get more bite
Singapore | Common law doctrine of public interest immunity applies in Singapore
Malaysia | Tax Matters During the National Recovery Plan Phases (1)
Malaysia | Extension of the Short Selling Ban
Malaysia | Case Note: EK Integrated Construction Sdn Bhd v Rimbunan Melati Sdn Bhd
Malaysia | Amendments to the Main Market Listing Requirements following Enhanced IPO Framework
Singapore | Singapore High Court clarifies the nature of stakeholding monies in conveyancing transactions pursuant to the Housing Developers Rules
Malaysia | Tax Matters During the National Recovery Plan Phases
Malaysia | Bank Negara Malaysia issues Policy Document on Reference Rate Framework
Singapore | Perils of foreign litigants not participating in Singapore proceedings
Malaysia | Tax Matters During the National Recovery Plan & Movement Control Order 3.0 Period (1)
Malaysia | Recovery Planning Policy Document
Singapore | UK Supreme Court returns to orthodox approach in respect of liquidated damages
Malaysia | MyCC's Inquiry on P-Hailing Service Issues
Singapore | Drewtech Chapter 9: Of blockchains and stumbling blocks
Malaysia | Tax Matters During the National Recovery Plan & Movement Control Order 3.0 Period
Malaysia | Ruling of Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia on Qard
Singapore | Natural justice and the right to a hearing: Witness-gating in arbitration
Singapore | To use or not to use… Documents obtained in court proceedings – A framework for cases involving the Riddick principle
Singapore | When Is A Company Deemed Insolvent? Can Directors Appeal Against Winding Up Orders?
Malaysia | Newsletter - June 2021
Singapore | Defining “Loss or Damage” in the right of private action under the Personal Data Protection Act
Malaysia | Updates on tax matters during Movement Control Order 3.0 period & Income tax - July 2021
Malaysia | MyCC's Market Review on selected areas of the transportation sector (Port logistics ecosystem & motor vehicle warranty claims)
Malaysia | What constitute good reasons for an order to sell a vessel pendente lite?
Malaysia | Tax matters during Movement Control Order 3.0 period
Malaysia | MyIPO’s Operating Guidelines and Practice Direction during MCO 3.0
Malaysia | BNM issues Corporate Strategic Plan policy document for DFIs
Singapore | Sentencing Framework for Income Tax Evasion
Singapore | Civil enforcement remedies: The way ahead
Malaysia | Operation of revenue offices during Total Lockdown period, with Updates on Income and Service Tax - May 2021
Malaysia | Admission of Philippines to the ASEAN Collective Investment Schemes Framework
Malaysia | Bank Negara Malaysia seeks feedback on Alternative Reference Rate and Strategic Direction on KLIBOR and KLIRR
Malaysia | Updates on Income Tax - May 2021
Malaysia | Guidance document on climate change and principle-based taxonomy
Malaysia | AML/CFT compliance officer appointment notification method and Targeted Financial Sanctions reporting forms
Malaysia | Aggrieved person under the Trademarks Act 2019 — Qi Sheng Sdn Bhd v Foong Yit Meng [2021] MLJU 269
Malaysia | Importance of getting your employees to acknowledge receipt of any notice on changes to the company’s policies
Malaysia | Threshold to commence winding up proceedings raised
Singapore | A close look at abuse of process in criminal proceedings
Singapore | Guerrilla tactics in international arbitration – Problems and possible solutions
Malaysia | Demarcating the bank’s duty in investment scams
The new Singapore-Indonesia investment treaty and what it means for your business
Malaysia | BNM revises the Foreign Exchange Notices
Malaysia | Updates on Income, Service and Tourism Tax - April 2021
Singapore | Home on the range … and work in the city?: Legal issues with remote working in the post-pandemic era
Indonesia | The Energy and Mineral Resources Sector - The implementing regulation of the Job Creation Law under the Government Regulation No. 25 of 2021
Indonesia | The newly issued procedure for the settlement of discrepancy in spatial areas
Malaysia | Newsletter - March 2021
Indonesia | Risk Based Business Licensing: The new approach by the Government of Indonesia to attract more investment
Singapore | Strengthening AML/CFT controls of digital payment token service providers
Malaysia | Relaxation of FEP requirements on interest rate swap
Malaysia | Updates on Tourism Tax - March 2021
Indonesia | The Shipping Sector – The implementing regulations of the Omnibus Law on Job Creation
Singapore | Three-step framework for analysing duties of agents and alleged breaches
Malaysia | Further extension on short selling ban
Malaysia | Updates on Sales and Service Tax - March 2021
Malaysia | Case update: Legal professional privilege and the powers of the Director General of Inland Revenue (“DGIR”)
Malaysia | BNM announces new funds for SMEs
Malaysia | The Patents (Waiver of Fee) Regulations 2020 comes into force
Malaysia | Updates on Income & Service Tax - February 2021
Singapore | Illegality and non-contractual claims: Whether the rule in Foster v Driscoll should be read with the Ochroid Trading framework
Indonesia | The Construction Sector - The implementing regulation of the Omnibus Law on Job Creation under the Government Regulation No. 14 of 2021
Singapore | Drewtech Chapter 8: New risks in new skins - Updates to the Guidelines on Risk Management Practices – Technology Risk
Singapore | Strict time limit for applications to set aside arbitration awards
Malaysia | Administrative step or aggressive movement? Revenue’s announcement on centralisation and dispersal of certain categories of corporate and non-corporate taxpayers’ files
Singapore | Just cause, and not just because
Malaysia | Wide order of injunction sought against online marketplace operator refused in the High Court
Malaysia | Compounding of criminal offences under the new Trademarks Act 2019
Malaysia | Updates on Tax - February 2021
Singapore High Court sets aside part of an ICC arbitration award for breach of natural justice and excess of jurisdiction
Malaysia | Acceptance of evidence obtained through social media platform
Malaysia | Bank Negara Malaysia issues Licensing Framework for Digital Banks
Malaysia | Absence of corroboration does not defeat complaint of harassment
Malaysia | Updates on Tax - January 2021
Malaysia | Amendment to the Guidelines on Recognised Market
Malaysia | Guidance note on provision of investment advice
Malaysia | Labuan Financial Services Authority issues Labuan Digital Banking Framework
Singapore | Insurance, pandemic and jurisdiction: Court or Tribunal?
Singapore | Drewtech Chapter 7: My Kingdom for a Horse – When your Systems are Held to Ransom
Malaysia | Covid-19: Further relief for contractual parties through an extension of Part II of the Covid-19 Act
Malaysia | Winding-up a company — It now takes more to wind-up a company, in the same amount of time
Singapore | Managing the Aftermath of a Tax Audit or Investigation
Singapore | Rules against Penalties – Singapore Court of Appeal affirms Dunlop Pneumatic and declines to follow the UK Supreme Court and the Australia High Court
Malaysia | Significant Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2020 coming into force on 1 January 2021
Indonesia | The arrival of the long-awaited KBLI numbers in Fintech
Malaysia | Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Collective Agreements
Indonesia | The Job Creation Law & highlighted changes to the Manpower Law
Malaysia | Covid-19 Vaccine — Can employers compel their employees to be vaccinated?
Singapore | The Taxman wants to interview you – What do you say?
Singapore | Amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and Personal Data Protection Regulations 2014
Singapore | The importance of stating the law of the arbitration agreement
Malaysia | National Code (Revised 2020) Act 828
Malaysia | Updates on Tax - November 2020
Malaysia | Currency Act 2020 / Central Bank of Malaysia (Amendment) Act 2020
Malaysia | Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds and Unlisted Capital Market Products under the Lodge and Launch Framework
Malaysia | Guidelines on Digital Assets / Guidelines on the use of electronic signature for documents submitted to the Securities Commission Malaysia
Singapore | The Taxman is at your door – what can you do?
Indonesia | Brief introduction to Indonesia’s job creation / Omnibus law on broadening of the investment ecosystem and business activities...
Employment during a pandemic – Working remotely or remotely working?
Malaysia | Landmark decision by Federal Court confirming that local authorities cannot tax new holdings by way of amendments to a valuation list
Singapore | Proposed amendments to the Payments Services Act 2019
Indonesia | The Indonesian Government's relaxation for foreigners entering Indonesia
Singapore | Re-Align Framework aimed at giving businesses breathing space in light of Covid-19
Indonesia | Regulating the Growth of Electronic and Digital Banking Services
Singapore | Abuse of process for a party to resile from prior factual concession
Malaysia | Updates on Tax - October 2020
Malaysia | Exposure Draft on Transitional Arrangements for Regulatory Capital Treatment of Accounting Provisions
Malaysia | Currency Act 2020 in force from 1 October 2020
Malaysia | SC and Bursa extend temporary margin financing flexibilities
Indonesia | New KPPU Guidelines on Merger Control Rules
Singapore | A Query Letter from IRAS ― What’s next?
Vodafone wins in US$2.7bn tax arbitration against India
Malaysia | Newsletter - September 2020
Malaysia | Updates on Income & Service Tax - September 2020
Malaysia | SME Merger and Acquisition instruments exempt from stamp duty
Malaysia | BNM issues FAQs and Guidances on AML/CFT and TFS
Singapore | Foreign bodies corporate appearing without legal representation in Singapore International Commercial Court matters?
Malaysia | Compounding of Offences under the Malaysian Trademarks Act 2019 and Regulations
Singapore | A timely reminder of the importance of acting with probity when pursuing claims
Indonesia | Bill on Stamp Duty
Singapore | MAS consults on draft notices on the competency requirements for representatives conducting regulated activities under the Financial Advisers Act and Securities and Futures Act
Singapore | Overview of the standard of care for medical advice given by healthcare professionals
Singapore | Taking a close look at defects liability clauses
Singapore | Proposed new omnibus Act - impact on digital token service providers
Singapore | Supporting companies and businesses as they go digital in light of COVID-19
Singapore | To release or not to release: Riddick undertaking? Asserting right(s) against self-incrimination and more…
Singapore | High Court rules that joint bank accounts may be subject to garnishee order
Singapore | DrewTech Chapter 6: Signing without signing – contactless contracts
Singapore | DrewTech Series Chapter 5: Bringing Hygiene Online - The MAS Notice on Cyber Hygiene
DNA Bulletin: Responding to COVID-19 - Key measures implemented in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore to support businesses